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Cystic Fibrosis Genes & Gene Therapy

Members from the UK CF Gene Therapy Consortium discuss CF genes and the gene therapy trial.  Please tell us what you think so that we know what we did right and what we can do better.

Other links mentioned during this event:

CFTR2 project; Hospital for Sick Kids CF mutation database; CF Europe monkey trail


Dr Ian Pringle discusses CF genes and how new technology is speeding up research and discovery. He also talks candidly about the day the gene sequence for the CFTR mutation changed ever so slightly and “the roof came down”.




Discussion about CF genes, who may benefit from gene therapy and the struggle to understand rare mutations.





Dr Uta Griesenbach discusses the current gene therapy trial, the work leading up to it, and what may be just around the corner.






Discussion about the Gene Therapy trial, the UK CF Gene Therapy Consortium, oh… and the monkey!