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Event: Kalydeco Special

Here are the recordings from the first live CFUnite event – Kalydeco Special.

The whole session is split into presentations that last the time it takes to drink a cup of tea.

The first video introduces the event with a tune that you’ll be whistling for a while.



Prof Alan Smyth and David Noonan introduce the second where Dr David Sheppard tells us all about CFTR, the basic problem that underpins cystic fibrosis.





Prof Stuart Elborn presents the results of the first large scale clinical trial of Ivacaftor (Kalydeco) for those with G551D.






Dr Michael Boyle delivers the results of the trial that examined the effect of Ivacaftor given to people with dF508 along with a CFTR corrector (VX-809).





Ed Owen and David Noonan finish the session discussing what it’s like to have CF, take Ivacaftor and discuss the power of an united community of people with CF.





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