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UK Cystic Fibrosis Clinical Trials Meeting

The first UK Cystic Fibrosis Clinical Trials meeting was held to discuss important aspects of undertaking clinical trials in CF.  Health professionals were in the room and it was also streamed online so that questions and comments could be put to the panel during the meeting.

Dr Simon Langton-Hewer introduces the day and a summary of CF clinical trials


Professor Alan Smyth discusses the need to increase access for people to participate in CF clinical trials





Dr Janet Allen, Director of Research at the CF Trust discusses the role of clinical trials as the CF Trust develops a new research strategy






Dr Jane Davies provides an update on recently completed clinical trials, progress of those underway and those planned for the near future.






Dr Diana Bilton discusses the need for CF specialists to work with industry and the challenges that poses






Morning question and answer session with questions from the online audience







Dr Colin Powell discusses the challenges in running a clinical trial 






Dr Simon Langton-Hewer provides an update to the TORPEDO study currently underway






Professor Rosalind Smyth discusses the challenge of recruiting participants to clinical trials







Afternoon question and answer session