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What is a James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership?

The James Lind Alliance (JLA) is a non-profit making initiative which was established in 2004. It brings patients, carers and clinicians together in Priority Setting Partnerships (PSPs) to identify and prioritise the Top 10 uncertainties, or ‘unanswered questions’, about the effects of treatments that they agree are most important.

The aim of this is to help ensure that those who fund health research are aware of what matters to both patients and clinicians.

Priority Setting Partnerships (PSPs) enable clinicians, patients and carers to work together to identify and prioritise important uncertainties about the effects of treatments, that could be answered by research. The James Lind Alliance (JLA) facilitates these partnerships – funding and organising is done by the PSP itself.

Our partnership aims to

Who is James Lind?

James Lind himself was a Scottish ship surgeon who, in the 1700s, carried out a simple trial on sailors which showed that lemons and limes were much better at treating the fatal disease scurvy than other treatments available.  He is often called the pioneer of clinical trials.

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