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Xbox Kinect™ represents high intensity exercise for adults with cystic fibrosis

  • Researchers

    Holmes H, Wood J, Jenkins S, Winship P, Lunt D, Bostock S, Hill K.

  • Place of research

    Curtin University, Perth, Australia

  • Publication

    Journal of Cystic Fibrosis, June 2013

  • Subjects

    , ,

  • What is the exercise intensity of training using the Xbox Kinect in adults with Cystic Fibrosis (CF)?

  • Why is this important?

    Exercise training is an important part of the management of CF. However, adherence to exercise programs is often problematic. This is due to physical discomfort and boredom associated with traditional forms of exercise, such as running and cycling. Interactive gaming consoles are a new trend in exercise and this study sought to determine the exercise intensity of using the Xbox Kinect.

  • What did you do?

    Adults with CF were asked to complete two exercise sessions in which cardiorespiratory variables such as heart rate and shortness of breath were measured. The first session involved participants cycling on an exercise bike until they could no longer continue (a cardiopulmonary exercise test – CPET). This allowed us to measure each participant’s peak exercise capacity. The second session involved 20 minutes of exercise using a personal training program for Xbox Kinect.

  • What did you find?

    This study showed that using the Xbox Kinect was high intensity exercise for adults with CF. On average participants achieved an intensity of 86% of their peak heart rate.

  • What does this mean and reasons for caution?

    These results suggest the Xbox Kinect is a suitable alternative to conventional exercise programmes, which can be used in both clinical practice and in the home. However, this study only examined the ‘Your Shape Fitness Evolved’ program, and further study would be necessary to determine the exercise intensity of other Xbox Kinect programs.

  • What's next?

    The next step would be to determine whether this form of exercise is enjoyable and therefore improves long term adherence to training programs.